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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is a proactive, team-based frame work for creating and sustaining safe and effective schools. It is not any one curriculum or scripted response to student behavior. Rather, it is a way of thinking about and organizing research based practices and their application to student needs.


Below is school wide response to behavior intervention. 



All Students 

Teacher Intervention

Classroom Management

  • Physical Environment

  • Proximity Control

  • Classroom Rules

  • Behavior Plans

  • Token Systems

  • Defuse Behaviors



At Risk Students

Counselor & Administration Involvement

Specific Student Issues

  • Classroom Observations

  • Review of Data

  • Adjustment of BIPs

  • Develop Behavior Contracts

  • Home & School Connection

Targeted/Intensive -

High Risk Students

Individual Support Interventions

Parent Involvement

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Teacher/Parent/Counselor Meeting

  • Administrator/Parent Coordinator/Family Worker Involved

  • More Targeted Behavior Plan Updates

  • Family Support



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